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Carafe - Hand-blown Borosilicate glass

QAR 520

The borosilicate glass Carafe comes with two steel flower-shaped holder models one for the V60 paper filter and one for paper wave filters.
Functional and beautiful Carafe stands out with a characteristic shape inspired by the ones from the chemistry, making it very original and unique.

Technical DETAILS

Hand-blown Borosilicate glass
Capacity: 560 ml     
Dimension: h.205 mm,  Ø90 mm

Compatible with:
• E&B CONE Stainless steel filter
• Flower V60 + V60 paper filter or Chemex paper Filter
• Flower Wave + wave paper filter or Kalita wave paper filter    

You can pour your coffee also from the handle; inside the handle, you can add a thermometer to control the serving temperature.    

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